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Ick, Drain Flies! Why They’re There, What to Do About Them

drain-in-silver-sinkIf you want a tidy and pleasant home, any incursion of insects is unwelcome. Your plumbing can be a source of these pests, and a common type is drain flies. You know them when you see them: tiny, fuzzy flies swarming around the drains and the sink in your kitchen.

What causes these pests to appear, and can you do anything to get rid of them and keep them from coming back? 

Just what are drain flies?

Small insects that resemble tiny moths. They can’t fly far, which is why they are found around drains, the place their eggs were laid. They also need access to water, so the sink and drain is an ideal place to hang around because of the ready supply of water. Although they only live for about a day or two, that’s enough for them to lay ample eggs to create more. They lay these eggs in the organic deposits found inside drainpipes. 

Thankfully, drain flies aren’t harmful to humans and don’t bite. You still don’t want them around, and it’s best to have them removed as soon as you notice them so they won’t continue to reproduce.

What can I do about them?

The first step is to determine which drain or drains the flies are coming from. You can probably guess based on where you see them, but there is a simple test you can do. Place a piece of duct tape over one of the suspect drains overnight. Remove the tape the next day and see if there are flies stuck to the underside. This will tell you if the drain has flies.

The next step is not to grab a bottle of pesticide and spray it down the drain. Although this may kill some of the flies (and not all pesticides affect the same insects), it doesn’t take care of the eggs that are still down in the sludge of the drain. You’ll have the flies back soon. It’s also never wise to use poisonous pesticides around your kitchen drain and food preparation surfaces.

What about pouring chemical drain cleaner down the drain? This isn’t a good idea either, since these “cleaners” don’t clear out all the deposits on drainpipe walls; they only eat through clogs, and the chemicals are potentially harmful to the drainpipe materials. We don’t recommend using chemical cleaners for any reason.

Although there are various home remedies you can use to attempt to remove drain flies, which at the least aren’t harmful to the drains, the best way to solve the problem is with professional drain cleaning. This is both remedy and prevention—get rid of drain flies and keep them back. Our professional cleaners can scour the drains that will completely remove the flies and their eggs, leaving the interior of the pipes clean. You want the build-up in your drains removed for more reasons than eliminating drain flies: this service stops odors, keeps the pipes in better condition, and prevents clogs. 

Call us for drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV whether you need drain flies removed or you want better drainage for your home.

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