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Drain Clogs: The Usual Suspects

sunny-techniciansWhen you have a very busy schedule to accommodate, it is easy to let things slip through the cracks. Particularly in those instances when you make the concession that “good enough” is actually good enough. When it comes to your plumbing system, however, you deserve a lot more than that. Add to that the fact that ignoring warning signs of trouble will only lead to further problems, and it becomes very clear very fast just why this should be such a priority.

So, slow-moving drains may not seem like a major issue, but give it some time and they will. Scheduling prompt drain cleaning in Las Vegas with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas will help you to keep the problem under control. Do you know what is even better than resolving a problem promptly, though? Avoiding it entirely in the first place! That’s why we’ll look at some of the usual suspects of clogged drains in today’s post. Once we’ve done so, you’ll know what to avoid.

Whiskers and Hair

Let’s start out in the bathroom, shall we? Among the most common causes of drain clogs is the buildup of hair and whiskers in shower and sink drains. Now, you’re obviously going to be doing your shaving in the bathroom. And you’re obviously going to be washing and conditioning your hair. We’re not suggesting otherwise. We are suggesting, however, that you take a little more care in doing so.

Before you hop into the shower, for instance, give your hair a good brushing. You are going to remove some loose hair in the process, and it is a lot easier to clean your hairbrush than it is to clean out your drains. As for shaving, don’t leave the water running while you’re doing it! That way, you’re not flushing all of your whiskers and shavings down the drain. Wipe out the tub or the sink with some toilet paper and throw it out to reduce the risk of clogs.

What Goes in the Toilet?

Waste and toilet paper. End of list. No, not those “flushable” wipes. We’ve removed plenty of clogs caused by these items in the past. If you have your own children or if you have friends and family with children visiting, make sure that those baby wipes wind up in the trash can.

Be sure that potty-training children also understand this, and offer some supervision when it comes to the amount of toilet paper to be used, as well. Kids have a way of getting a bit carried away, and that roll may not last very long if they have their way!


Fats, oil, and grease. The triad feared by kitchen plumbing systems worldwide.

If you are cooking a big meal or you have helpers in the kitchen, the risk to your kitchen plumbing system is real. Don’t pour fat and grease down the drain. Don’t fill up oily pots to soak without pouring them off and preferably wiping them out beforehand. These liquids will congeal and harden it the drains when everything cools down, causing nasty clogs that can really have some staying power.

Schedule your drain and sewer services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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