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Drain Clogs: Some Truths to Consider

sunny-plumber-doorwayThere is no getting around how inconvenient plumbing problems of all shapes and sizes are. You rely on your plumbing system for so much, every day, throughout the entire day. Getting ready for work, cooking meals, washing dirty clothes, cleaning up at the end of the day. Your plumbing system is truly integral to so many different parts of your life. With that in mind, let’s reassess our opening statement. Yes, plumbing problems are inconvenient. But that’s to say the least!

Plumbing problems can really bring your daily routine grind to a halt. And once that happens, it can be tough to get things going again. And this is when it becomes really messy. Why? Because people start telling themselves that they can handle the fix on their own. It’s just a clogged drain, they tell themselves. I can handle this. I’ve got some liquid drain cleaner. I can buy a drain snake. And so it begins. And headaches follow.

There Is Some Good News

No, we are not going to tell you some secret that will make you capable of effectively handling drain cleaning services in Las Vegas on your own. That is and always will be a job that is best left to trained professionals. However, there are plenty of adjustments that you can probably make in your day to day life that will help to limit the occurrences of clogged drains in your home. The hard truth of the matter is that many of these clogs are caused, at least in part, by behaviors that can be modified or practices that homeowners just don’t realize are detrimental.

Your Garbage Disposal Is Not a Do-It-All Appliance

Some people really seem to think that installing a garbage disposal in the kitchen means that they can put just about anything down that drain. This is not entirely true, though. There are plenty of things that should not go down the garbage disposal. Some of them, like very fibrous foods, can get wrapped up in the disposal itself and strain the device until damage is done. Then there are other materials, like pasta, beans, or liquified fats, that can and will lead to clogs.

Starchy products may go through the garbage disposal just fine, but they can take on water and swell up even after they’re processed, leading to very stubborn blockages. Then there is oil, grease, and fat to consider. Your garbage disposal is not going to do anything to manage these materials, and they will congeal as they cool in your pipes. That will also lead to serious clogs. So yes, a garbage disposal is a super helpful appliance, but only when used properly and within its intended scope.

Unfortunately, You Can’t Prevent All Problems

Being careful with your garbage disposal, using drain guards, removing hair and whiskers from drains rather than trying to flush them down through the system—all of these measures are really going to help you to cut back on the occurrence of clogs in your drains. There is really very little that you can do to prevent problems like tree roots growing into your pipes, though. When you’re planting new trees or bushes, keep the location of pipes in mind. But other than that,  just keep the possibility in mind, and keep our number handy!

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