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Does My Sewer Line Need to Be Replaced?

sunny-techniciansThis is probably not a topic you want to deal with. No homeowner wants to have troubles with the (yeech) sewer line. Obviously it’s a vital part of a home’s plumbing system, and if it leaks, breaks, or deteriorates, any house is in for a bad time. Sometimes the sewer line can be repaired, but in cases of extensive damage or a line that’s decades old, the best option is to have the sewer line replaced.

The good news is that having sewer line replacement in Henderson, NV is straightforward when you call The Sunny Plumber. We’ll handle putting in a new sewer line that will serve your home for many years to come.

But first, you’ll want to know if the sewer line needs a replacement. So let’s get the question in the title and look at ways to tell if your sewer line is ready to go.

The age of the sewer line and its material

Modern sewer lines are made from copper, a lightweight metal that resists corrosion and can potentially last for a hundred years. But before the “Copper Age Revolution” in 1970, sewer lines were made from galvanized steel or cast iron. Both metals are susceptible to corrosion and will deteriorate after 50 years, if not earlier based on soil conditions and other factors. If your house was built pre-1970, it likely has an outdated sewer line that’s close to requiring replacement. And in this case, there’s a next step to take… 

Have the sewer line inspected

For an old plumbing system, we recommend you have our plumbers inspect the sewer line using special video equipment. We can snake the entirety of the sewer line with a special camera mounted on a fiber optic cable. This lets us tell the material of the line and find out if it is deteriorating and ready for a replacement. This is the best way to get actionable information. 

Warnings signs the sewer line is failing

We’ve gone over preventive steps for older plumbing that isn’t otherwise showing signs the line is decaying. But your sewer line may already be sending you signals that it has leaks, breaks, or other problems. Here are the big ones warning you to schedule sewer line services and possibly a replacement:

  • You’ve noticed damp and foul-smelling patches on your property.
  • Spots of grass on the lawn are turning bright green, indicating sewage seeping up from below.
  • Drains all around the house are becoming slow or clogging altogether.
  • Plumbing appliances in the bathroom are behaving oddly, such as water pushing up through the shower drain whenever the toilet is flushed. 
  • Bad odors are emanating from the drains, or you hear a gurgling sound from the drains.

Please call our plumbers to inspect the plumbing and see if a damaged sewer line is behind these occurrences. You may only need smaller repairs. Or you may need to have the sewer line replaced. Trust that we’ll find the right answer and get the work done to your satisfaction. 

Call The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas for all your sewer line needs. “Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney!”

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