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Clogged Drains? Here Are Some Common Culprits

There  are quite a few plumbing problems that you could rightly call “emergencies.” The most common plumbing problems are not really those putting your entire property in immediate danger, though. Instead, they’re situations like dripping faucets, underperforming water heaters, and, yes, clogged drains. Clogged drains may actually be the most common type of problem that homeowners encounter with their plumbing systems, as a matter of fact. Homeowners allow them to fester longer than they should.

While clogged drains may not put your plumbing system at immediate risk, they can result in a number of serious issues if given the time to develop. Worse yet, many clogged drains are actually the result of simple user error. There is no way to completely avoid the risk of running into clogged drains in your home, of course. However, understanding some of the most common causes of the problem will hopefully help you to better understand how to avoid it to begin with.

So What Causes Clogged Drains?

There are a few different and very common causes of clogged drains. First of all, many develop because homeowners simply are not careful enough about what they put down their drains, particularly when they have garbage disposals in place. Some people mistakenly believe that the fact that they have a garbage disposal means that they can put whatever they want down their drains. This could not be further from the truth.

Putting any starches, like potato peels, pasta, or rice down the drain is never a good idea. These materials can swell up as they get wet, and when that happens, drain clogs are not far off. You should also avoid putting FOG, fats, oil, and grease down the drain. These materials can congeal when they hit the cool interior space of your pipes,  and they will begin to form serious clogs.

Also remember to keep drain guards in your bathroom sink and tub. Brush your hair out before showering and wipe whiskers out of the sink, rather than running them down the drain. Does this all mean that you’ll never hit a clog with your drains? Of course not. It will help to seriously limit the risk of such clogs developing, though.

Can’t I Unclog My Own Drains?

No, not effectively. Too many homeowners think that a quick fix like chemical drain cleaners is going to resolve clogs in their plumbing systems. This is only very rarely the case. When you pour caustic chemical cleaners down your drain, you are likely only going to be removing enough of the clog for the cleaner itself to make its way past. Our drain cleaning and scour jet services, on the other hand, guarantee that a thorough job is done.

Allowing clogs to get worse and worse impedes your convenience and could actually result in damages to your plumbing system. Contact The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas when you need drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. We always do the job right.

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