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Clog Prevention Starts with You

sunny-plumber-doorwayNobody wants to encounter clogged drains in their homes. If we can be honest for a minute here, though—well, we’re always honest in this blog—the fact of the matter is that you will most definitely encounter clogs in your home at some point. And, chances are, you yourself will have played a role in the formation of those clogs.  We’re not trying to be accusatory. It is just a fact of home ownership.

If you’re reading this post hoping to unlock the secret of avoiding drain clogs, there is one tip we can give you. Never use them at all! That is literally the only way in which you have a chance of never encountering clogged drains in Paradise, NV. Since completely eliminating the need for your drains probably is not an option, this post is the next best thing.  Read on to learn more about how you can prevent clogs from forming in your home.

Don’t Assume That Your Garbage Disposal Can Handle Everything

The garbage disposal is a wonderful appliance. It can really help homeowners to streamline the cooking and cleaning process as far as dealing with food waste goes. However, it can also sort of give homeowners a false sense of security. You cannot expect your garbage disposal to handle everything that you can throw at—or into and down—it.

While you probably know not to put something like a fruit pit into the garbage disposal, because it’s so hard, you also should avoid absorbent foods like rice, pasta, or beans. Yes, the garbage disposal itself can handle them, so you may think that all is fine. However, those foods can sit in the drain line and absorb water, swelling up and causing serious clogs as they do.

Don’t Pour FOG Down the Drain

FOG is an acronym standing for Fat, Oil, and Grease. You don’t want to put fat, oil, or grease down the drains in your home. After you’ve done some cooking—fried up some chicken, roasted a turkey, etc.—you may have a skillet or roasting pan full of fat, oil, and grease. And you may be tempted to just dump that down the drain, because hey—it’s all liquid, right?

Right. Until it cools down. Then it’s a drain clog. When FOG cools down, it also starts to solidify. And when it solidifies in the pipes, it causes drain clogs. And it causes very stubborn clogs that really conform to the shape of the drain. Pour that FOG off into a disposable container, freeze it, and put it out with the trash.

Don’t Flush “Flushable” Products

Other than toilet paper, that is. There are a lot of products out there advertising themselves as flushable. Those products are frequently the cause of clogs.  The fact is that it’s always better to play it safe. Baby wipes, sanitary products, and anything other than waste, wastewater, and TP needs to go in the barrel. Any potential convenience of flushable products is not worth the risk of clogging up your toilet, drain, and sewer line.

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